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“FINGUS APOCALYPTICON” Gallery Show / Art from the Post-Apocalyptic Imagination of BOB FINGERMAN


Thu, June 12, 8pm – 10pm GMT-04:00 • Art on A Gallery and Shop 24 Avenue A, New York, New York 10009

I’m happy to announce my first commercial gallery show is happening in June. FINGUS APOCALYPTICON, a collection of irradiated art, will be on show (and all for sale) at Art on A Gallery in downtown New York City. Featuring art from my web series of the same name and from my post-apocalyptic graphic novel FROM THE ASHES, come on down and visit my merry mutants in the (sometimes scaly) flesh.

Opening reception on Thursday, June 12th, at 8PM. Join the artist to chat, look at art, eat some grub and drink some wine and beer.

Art from the Post-Apocalyptic Imagination of

ALL ORIGINAL ARTWORK – Framed & for Sale!

Food & Spirits!
Food provided by Three of Cups
Afterparty at Three of Cups Lounge

Preview Gallery Here:

“Fingerman is a brilliant satirist, artist and mind.”
-Trey Parker, South Park; The Book of Mormon

Bob Fingerman is the award-winning creator of such critically acclaimed graphic novels as Beg the Question, White Like She and Recess Pieces, as well as the novel Bottomfeeder. In Bottomfeeder, Fingerman took on the vampire genre, tossing away the typical gothic and romantic trappings in favor of portraying the down to earth story of a working class Queens-bred vampire. In Recess Pieces, he whipped up a bloody maelstrom of adorable moppets and the living dead set within the confines of a school. With the satirical From the Ashes, Fingerman coined the phrase “speculative memoir,” and pitted himself and his wife, Michele, against the post-apocalyptic ruins of the world.

In 2013, under the auspices of longtime fan and creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, Fingerman’s signature work in comics, Minimum Wage, was collected in the coffee table book Maximum Minimum Wage, spurring him to return to Minimum Wage as an ongoing series from Image.

It is Fingerman’s borderline obsession with things post-apocalyptic that lead him to create the art featured in this show, Fingus Apocalypticon, primarily featuring a host of cuddly mutants and original art from From the Ashes.

Show runs 6 weeks.


Where to Find Me at The Baltimore Comic Con

Reminder that I will be a guest at the Baltimore Comic Con this coming weekend (September 7-8, 2013). I will be at Table 2212D. I will be selling original art, etc., so if you have anything you’re interested in, let me know now so I can bring it (if it’s available for sale). I will also be able to make credit card sales, so no worries about finding an ATM. See you there!



Baltimorons, Baltimorovians, Baltimoringians, whatever it is: I will be a guest at this year’s Baltimore Comic Con. Stop by my table and say hi and buy some stuff. I’ll be bringing original art (and capable of making credit card sales thanks to this wondrous age we live in), so if anyone wants to put in some requests, now is the time. Hope to see you there.

MoCCA/Society of Illustrators Event Night Photos

At long (well, not that long) last, here are pix from the opening night event for my exhibition at the MoCCA Gallery at New York’s prestigious Society of Illustrators (up through August 17th, so if you haven’t been yet, please do). The talk was ably moderated with verve and wit by comedian Frank Conniff (Mystery Science Theater 3000′s TV’s Frank, for all you philistines). From where I was seated (uh, right beside him onstage, duh), the audience seemed quite entertained, which was my ultimate goal. I’d rather be funny than informative. I think we managed to be both. It was a really good night. Special thanks to the Society’s Anelle Miller, Richard Berenson, Eric Fowler, Katie Izzo, Kat Bloomfield, Kate Feirtag and Sean, the bartender, for the Manhattans. Those helped, too.

Signing in Annapolis 5/11/2013

I’ll be signing and so on (not sure what “so on” involves, but I’m sure some “so on” will happen) at Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, MD, this coming Saturday.

2027-A West St., Annapolis, Maryland 21401
The info from their website:
First 25 in line receive a FREE limited edition signed & numbered bookplate created JUST FOR THIS EVENT!
Folks, we are extra excited about this one, as Minimum Wage has been one of our personal favorites for a VERY long time. When IMAGE COMICS decided to collect the entire run of MINIMUM WAGE into one gorgeous, oversized 350+ page hardcover for only $34.99 — we knew we had to do something special to celebrate, and bringing series creator BOB FINGERMAN in for a huge Third Eye signing was exactly the thing to do!

For those of you who may not know, MINIMUM WAGE is one of the best indie comics of all time. Heck, when Third Eye Steve sold off his collection to fund the store way back when — his Minimum Wage comics were one of the few things he couldn’t part with! That should tell you something!

During its original run, MINIMUM WAGE racked up critical acclaim and a devoted following. Why? Because each page of Rob and Sylvia’s workaday saga boasted uncomfortable truths drenched in bleak humor, presaging squirmy shows like LOUIE and GIRLS.

Set in a New York so real you can smell it, this definitive edition collects the entire run, and also features a ton of great guest pin-ups by the likes of Peter Bagge, Dave Cooper, Joe Dator, Guy Davis, Glenn Fabry, Dean Haspiel, Gilbert Hernandez, Peter Kuper, Mike Mignola, and many more.

We can pretty much guarantee that if you dig slice-of-life humor, or autobiographical comics, you’ll love this book.

Imagine the dark everyday humor of Kevin Smith’s CLERKS, mix in a little bit of comic industry insider fun, and a whole lot of interesting characters, and you’ve got MINIMUM WAGE.

We’ll have plenty of copies of MINIMUM WAGE on hand for you to check out at the event!



Yessiree, I’ll be signing Maximum Minimum Wage at Forbidden Planet, which is practically my alma mater. I’ve been shopping there since the opening day back in ’81. Oh god! That’s a long time ago. But of all its incarnations, this newest is the prettiest and I’m psyched to be having my first FP signing therein! It’s spacious, attractive and welcoming to all (even non-nerds). Come on down and get the book (which will be generously discounted for the event, too!)

Also on deck will be some of the guest artists who contributed all-new pinups to the book.

Plus, debuting their new Image title, Five Ghosts, will be writer Frank Barbiere and artist Chris Mooneyham.

Come on down. Or up. Just be there!

Maximum Ghosts Matt D Edition

Video from Book Court Reading of FTA

Michele and I did a reading (I’d say performance, but that seems a little grandiose) of a small section of FROM THE ASHES at Brooklyn’s Book Court, a lovely independent bookshop. I was losing my voice, but did my best.

You can’t see it here, but she wore her TRASH shirt, proving I didn’t make it up.

First Ever PARIAH Reading/Signing Event – Brooklyn, NY

Bob Fingerman & Keith Mayerson

06/30/11 07:30 PM

163 Court Street (between Pacific & Dean)
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 875.3677


BOB FINGERMAN: PARIAH and FROM THE ASHES (possibly performing with wife and co-star, Michele)


FROM THE ASHES Signing @ Meltdown Comics in L.A.!

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be doing my first ever signing in Los Angeles at the fantastic Meltdown Comics. Please come join me, buy the book, say “hello,” and all that good stuff.

I’ll be there Saturday, March 6th, from 3 – 6 PM.

Meltdown Comics

7522 Sunset Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90046

(323) 851-7223


I’ll be doing some signings to promote the release of the trade edition of FROM THE ASHES. The first is at ROCKETSHIP, in Brooklyn, NY, and the second is the next day at A Comic Shop, in Winter Park, FL. Please swing by and buy if you can. More to follow.

Friday, February 19th, 2010. 8 – 10 PM @


208 Smith Street

Brooklyn, New York 11201


Saturday, February 20th, 2010. 3 – 5 PM @

A Comic Shop

114 South Semoran Blvd.

Winter Park, FL 32792



I’ve been asked to introduce an episode of Star Trek (original, not extra-crispy) with Jungian themes (“The Enemy Within” written by Richard Matheson) for a hoity-toity Jung-based film festival at the Rubin Museum in NYC. I’ll be doing that on Friday. Should be weird.


King Con Interview

Here’s the audio of the interview that The Daily Crosshatch‘s Brian Heater conducted with me at the first annual King Con in Brooklyn. Listen to me ramble. Enjoy the very awkward start, where Brian kicks off by having me talk about another panel I’d recently been on. Forty odd minutes of pure listening pleasure! (Photos courtesy Reid Harris Cooper)

heater and bob 1

heater and bob 2