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You Deserved It

You Deserved It

Is Bob Fingerman a cynical misanthrope or a disappointed humanitarian? Dare we suggest maybe both?

In You Deserved It, the sensitive creator of the acclaimed graphic novel Beg the Question accesses his darker side, serving up this caustic collection of comical cautionary chronicles. What Beg the Question was to sex and romance, You Deserved It is to wanton violence and social wrongness.

From “Otis Goes Hollywood,” the epic saga of a homicidally puritanical meat packer with dreams of making it big in Hollywood, to “Missing Pieces,” a yarn about the extracurricular activities of paramedics, to “Buying Bologna,” about a guy who just really, really loves his luncheon meat, to “Yiffy Situation,” a fuzzy fable about fornicating Furries, You Deserved It serves up enough yarns to make one hilariously misanthropic sweater, all in living-and dying-color!


With a Vicodin addicted misanthrope’s delicate touch, Bob Fingerman has once again demonstrated just how blurry the line is between “comic” and “book”. You Deserved It is rife with his trademark grit, anger, and HUGE-nippled vixens. In its pages are the answers to some of life’s nagging questions, including “Will I get sick if I eat that?” Seriously, if you get off on death, buxom babes, mocking the art-as-commerce world and/or meat packing plants, then this is the comic for you! If not, I think you may still enjoy it anyway.” — David Cross, Mr. Show; Arrested Development

Bob Fingerman remains the Marcel Proust of low-end, contempo urban torment. You Deserved It is a creepy, compassionate, relentlessly funny and disturbing masterpiece.” — Jerry Stahl, Permanent Midnight; I, Fatty

Bob Fingerman is a keen observer of the human condition… Thank God he is also funny. It also doesn’t hurt that he can draw like nobody’s business. Bob is, in fact, one of my favorite cartoonists so everyone PLEASE buy this book so he will feel obligated to do more.” — Mike Mignola, Hellboy

Fingerman’s previous work, Beg the Question, was a realistic black-and-white graphic novel about two young New Yorkers’ troubled engagement. This volume is a full-color short story collection that trades realism for Grand Guignol. Fingerman favors a baroque cartoony style full of bent, hunched figures and very wordy dialogue. His work has a density that recalls the early Mad comic books, but is far grimmer. In ‘Missing Pieces,’ a paramedic supplements his income by selling photos of brutally dismembered crime and accident victims. This troubles his partner, but when the photographer himself is run over by a subway, the partner decides that selling atrocity photographs might not be a bad gig. ‘Otis Goes Hollywood’ is the story of an immensely strong naïf, Otis, who has an unfortunate habit of brutally killing people by accident. Some Hollywood sleazeballs take the opportunity to turn Otis into an action star, revealing that everyone in the story is morally corrupt, except for Otis;who innocently slaughters dozens. The violence is like ‘Itchy and Scratchy’ from The Simpsons;too bizarrely exaggerated to be taken seriously. These stories are not for the easily offended, but readers who like their humor shaded pitch black will enjoy them.” — Publishers Weekly

Publication Date: October 12, 2005
Format: SC, 88pg, FC, 6″ x 9″
ISBN-10: 1-59307-390-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-59307-390-9

bob bw smallBob Fingerman is the creator of the dark and humorous prose and comics works: Beg The Question, You Deserved It, Connective Tissue, Recess Pieces and Bottomfeeder.