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Connective Tissue


Video store clerk Darla Vogel is fed up, until one of her customers, a precocious home-schooled kid, offers her some of his meat-tinged candies. Darla takes a plunge down the rabbit hole into a surreal world of throbbing, veinous buildings, compulsory public nudity, weird creatures and more. If William S Burroughs, Lewis Carroll, H.P. Lovecraft and Harvey Kurtzman had a mutant lovechild, it might resemble Bob Fingerman’s bold new confection, Connective Tissue. Fingerman, a cartoonist and novelist best known for an acclaimed graphic novel (Beg the Question, a Gen X classic) and an acclaimed prose novel (Bottomfeeder), merges the disciplines in Connective Tissue, a genre-bending and medium-mixing work best described as a fully illustrated novella.


Connective Tissue…make[s] for an engaging read…While Darla sounds like she could be a handful, she is a good and sympathetic protagonist, making her a modern-day Alice in a 21st century Wonderland.” — Jason Borelli, Beyond Race Magazine

Chock-fulla lusciously perverted, monstrous illustrations and politically incorrect wrenchings of phrase, this illustrated novel by seasoned comic book artist Bob Fingerman delivers both the yucks and the yuckies. Hilarious, gross and clever, this mash-up of words and pictures… [is] both bizarre and super entertaining.” – Jeff Newelt, Heeb

A brief, surreal trip… you can’t help but become enamored of Fingerman’s sheer insane imagination… Connective Tissue comes across as a witty love child of Lewis Carroll, H.P. Lovecraft and William Burroughs… one of the most entertainingly odd books out there.” — Samuel Zimmerman, Fangoria

Connective Tissue is a book with something for everyone who lacks a strong sense of Amish values. Chock filled with one-liners guaranteed to split a side or two, as well as enough sexual references to make Freud bite his tongue, this book will go down in the annals (pun most certainly intended) of literary/comic history as a perversely hysterical book which delivers a ‘shroom trip sans the nasty taste in one’s mouth, but instead leaves a dirty stain on one’s brain.” — Avril Brown, The Comics Waiting Room

Strange, warped, hilarious, occasionally disturbing, and, above all, aggressively unique.” — Brian Heater, The Daily Cross Hatch

·  Hardcover: 128 pages
·  Publisher: Fantagraphics Books (April 29, 2009)
·  Language: English
·  ISBN-10: 1606991434
·  ISBN-13: 978-1606991435
·  Product Dimensions: 8.1 x 7 x 0.8 inches

bob bw smallBob Fingerman is the creator of the dark and humorous prose and comics works: Beg The Question, You Deserved It, Connective Tissue, Recess Pieces and Bottomfeeder.