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Monthly Archives: June 2010


Oops. I neglected to post this link to a playlist of tunes that either accompanied me as I drew or fueled my process in creating FROM THE ASHES. I was invited to contribute it to the fun blog Largehearted Boy’s ongoing Book Notes series in which authors share their musical inspirations. Check it out.

Milk of Minutia podcast

I spoke with Ken Rodriguez and Justin Paine on their free-form podcast Milk of Minutia. Download and enjoy as we discuss From the Ashes, Pariah and some of my more questionable earlier efforts.

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Like many budding kid cartoonists of my generation I was enamored of “Mad‘s Maddest Artist,” Don Martin. I loved his work in the magazine, but what really set my mind ablaze were his paperback originals. These were maybe my first taste of graphic novels, and none so enthralled me as The MAD Adventures of Captain Klutz. Skinny-Man was my stab at “funny superhero” comics. The villains, “Super Cool Man” (who really looks more like Super Pimp) in particular, are pretty special. Same vintage as the others posted here (1975).